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Headphones & Monitors



KAM HP1 Reference Headphones

KAM HP1 is designed to meet the various challenges artists and engineers face in the process of recording and producing music. The high level of detail, extended dynamic range, and comfort of HP1 make listening to your favorite music a pleasure and allow you to notice details you may have never noticed before .

Sound Quality

A frequency response that extends beyond the entire human hearing range is the starting point for HP1. Detailed, balanced, and wholesome sound, combined with an extraordinary wide soundstage enable the users to hear each instrument or part separately, while the integration of the original performance is preserved. Some headphones lend themselves to a particular type of music because they accent certain frequency ranges. The neutrality of HP1 makes it suitable for any genre from acoustic and classical, to pop and rock, or even electronic. Professional engineers work on many styles of music so their headphone should be capable of such diversity as well.


While the primary target of HP1 is audio engineers and musicians, the audiophiles who like to listen to music as it was recorded and heard by those who created it, are in for a treat. 

Closed Back Design, High Sound Insulation and Output

Closed back design is almost a necessity for high quality multi-track recording. When a vocalist listens to previously recorded tracks, they should not leak into the vocal microphone. Or when a drummer listens to click track and other instruments, sound of his drums should not over power what he is trying to listen and synchronize to. Also an engineer trying to mix a live concert, should be able to “solo” the track he is trying to adjust without much leakage from the room sound. In many of these situations having the ability to increase the sound volume of headphones for a short period of time is also a necessity. HP1 is designed with all of these factors in mind. It provides superb sound insulation with an efficient and powerful transducer that can produce sufficient loudness even if the headphone amp or mixer output is not loud enough for the environment. Large circular ear pads covered with soft plastic completely encircle the ears for maximum comfort and insulation. So in most situations, compared to headphones with other designs a lower level of playback is necessary to overcome ambient sound.

Internal Sound Ports

A drawback with many closed back headphones is lack of good bass reproduction. Three types of tuned internal sound ports in HP1 (inside the ear cups) allow sound waves to travel between the two sides of the transducer, thus allowing it to vibrate freely, much like open back headphones, and to produce correctly proportioned bass response.





The uneven surface shape inside the ear cups scatters reflections and helps to minimize standing waves.




The Transducer

The large 48mm transducer features a ribbed diaphragm. The ribs provide more rigidity for the thin diaphragm so that the entire surface can move together, minimizing distortion. A sound port in the center of the transducer magnet prevents air from being trapped in the dome over the voice coil. This allows free movement of the voice coil, contributing to the warm and natural sound of HP1.

Low nominal resistance of the transducer is integral to its high efficiency. At any given output level, HP1 is considerably louder than most headphones. Thus even small portable devices can provide sufficient sound volume.


Professional headphones need to be comfortable to accommodate long hours of use. HP1 only weighs 220 grams (13.75 ounces) and this small weight is evenly distributed to top and sides of the head. The ear pads are covered with very soft plastic that is pleasant to the touch and they are large enough that the ears fit completely inside. So the weight of the headphones rests on the head and not the ears. The height of the top band is self adjusting so each time you put HP1 headphones on, they immediately feel comfortable.

Durable Construction

Use of impact resistant material and modular construction ensure longevity of HP1. Although made to last under demanding use, cable, ear pads, transducers, or even the frame can be replaced if something out of the ordinary happens to them.  The detachable cable with mini XLR connector helps to easily store the headphones when not in use.



Frequency Response: 10 Hz -35 kHz
Max. Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 110 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.2%

Nominal impedance: 32 Ω

Type: Closed Back, with internal sound ports

Ear Coupling: Around-the-ear
Transducer: 48mm dynamic, with center sound port

Cable Type: Single, detachable with Mini XLR connection

Cable Length: 10 feet
Plugs: 1/8 inch (3.5mm), and ¼ Inch (6.3mm) screw-on type stereo plug, gold plated

Weight: 220 Grams, 13.75 ounces (without cable)


Reference class headphones designed for monitoring recordings, mixing, mastering, and critical listening

Detailed sound reproduction throughout the entire audible frequency range with superb stereo imaging

Large and powerful transducer for extended dynamic range and head-room during loud passages

Closed back design with internal ports for superb insulation from external sound sources

Soft around-the-ear circular pads for comfort during extended use

Detachable cable with mini XLR connector for easy storage and replacement

Screw-on adapter plug for reliable connection

Caution: Listening at loud sound levels for extended periods using any device can damage hearing.

MSRP: $135


Parts & Service:


Ear pads:  $5 / each

Internal wiring & soldering: $10

XLR Cable and adapter:  $20

Transducer and housing:  $35 / each

Frame: $45

Fidelio 6.5 High Definition Monitors


Fidelio 6.5 is designed to produce the finest level of detail in sound reproduction. The old philosophy for monitors was that they should sound similar to the average home stereo and not be very detailed. But the quality of consumer audio reproduction has improved considerably in the recent years.  The philosophy behind Fidelio monitors is that no consumer should hear more details than the audio engineer who mixed and mastered the music.


The thick composite wooden cabinet forms a solid boundary between internal and external sound waves to help maximize the efficiency and fidelity of the monitors.  Rounded corners minimize boundary diffraction of high frequencies so that pristine waves from the surface mounted soft dome twitter reach a wide sweet-spot. Elongated rear port minimizes air movement noise and prevents interference between the low frequency waves from port and woofer.





Bi-amplified rear ported design


Inputs: Balanced XLR & ¼ inch, unbalanced RCA


HF adjustment: -2 to +1 at 10 kHz


Volume adjustment -30 dB to +6 dB


Woofer: 6.5 inch, glass fiber enforced


Max Power: 130W


RMS Power: 50W woofer, 15W tweeter


Linear Frequency response: 50Hz to 20kHz (+/- 2dB)


Overall Frequency response: 41Hz to 20 kHz


Sub Filter: 40 Hz


Crossover frequency: 2.6 kHz



MSRP: $260 / each - $520 / pair

  Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.