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About the Company

Focused on innovative designs for musicians, with the ultimate goal of  contributing to the advancement of modern music, K/\M instruments has its roots in live performance and recording. The company's founder and primary designer Kamran Salehi (called Kam, by friends) is an active musician and recording engineer.  The needs and issues that arise in the actual process of performing live and recording music are sources of product development. This keeps the company focused on what is really useful to musicians. Kamran holds two bachelors degrees and a masters in computing. His technical background combined with love of music provide the platform to develop products which address the gaps in what has been previously available to musicians.

K/\M instruments utilizes the expertise of multiple designers, each with years of experience in their particular field, to build on knowledge of what has been produce to date and push the forefront one step further.

We do not consider other musical instrument companies as competitors. We see the entire society of musicians and musical instrument providers as one team, working on evolution of music. Whenever possible, we cooperate with other companies and use existing standards and components simply because it provides the shortest path to offering useful new tools to musicians.


email:  info@KAMinstruments.com

Phone:   (630) 645-4111

Mail: 2605 W. 22nd Street, Suite 33, Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA

Legal Correspondence & Studio :   270 S.  Garden Ave. Roselle, IL 60172, USA

Interact With other K/\M users

We have started a new Facebook page as a general forum for music and audio related topics. The discussions will not be limited to topics related to our products.

Search for KAMinstruments on Facebook and join the conversation.

K/\M Instruments has been an active member of NAMM, the International association of  musical instrument manufacturers since 2008.

Kamran with his band HOTEL45, performing in Chicago

Summer NAMM 2011 - Winter NAMM 2012 Photos

Roger Linn, Kamran Salehi, Tom Oberheim, and Dave Smith at winter NAMM 2012. Kamran is now a DSI artist exploring their "Tempest".




The K/\M N/\MM TE/\M: Dominic Armstrong, Branan King, Kamran Salehi.

Dominic and Branan chat with visitors under close observation by Larry Ohler (Drummer & KAM Artist - in black T-shirt).

Our British knight, Dominic from the Armstrong Clan, presenting a KAM microphone to raffle winners.

Jessica Munn, our new artist, trying a prototype of our guitar with Plug & Play pickup (R).


Dominic, Fake Bono, Fake Edge, Larry Ohler (KAM Artist). No, they are not getting artist pricing, but Larry does!

Summer NAMM 2010 Photos

Miles demonstrating microphones

Miles, Kam, and Peri

Kamran and Mike Vescera of Obsession

Kam & Henry Weck of Brownsville Station

Miles, Kam, and guitarist Toshi

Kenny Olson of "7 day Binge" and "Kid Rock" trying the KAM tube amps.

Mike & Maureen Vescera, Kaelin Taux of Mannah, Kam, Toshi

Kenny Olsen hosting an "After NAMM JAM" session

Winter NAMM 2010 Photos

Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains meeting with fans at the Kahler booth where K/\M HM-1 was displayed.  

Gary Kahler, inventor of the Kahler bridge (right), holding the K/\M HM1-G . Kamran Salehi (left) 

Visit http://www.kahlerUSA.com for information about the Kahler bridges we use on our tremolo models.

Jazz guitarist Tobi Hero Wilson And Kamran


Kamran with classic rocker Craig Gruber (Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath) holding his signature bass guitar. www.myspace.com/craiggruber

Summer NAMM 2009 Photos

Kamran and guitarist Simon Frost, holding HM-1

Myles Arwine, explaining K/\M products to visitors

Winter NAMM 2008 Photos

Paul Reed Smith and Kamran Salehi, after discussing interchangeable guitar pickups

With Kerry King at the BC Rich booth

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