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Axiom 2 Guitars


K/\M Axiom 2 Guitar,  With Two Plug & Play Interchangeable Pickup Positions

(Limited Quantity of 50 - Available from June 1,  2018)


Our new Axiom 2 is the only guitar in the world with wooden body and interchangeable Plug & Play pickups in both bridge and neck position which can accept almost any normal pickup.



Musicians can change each pickups in less than five seconds, and almost any pickup with standard distance between mounting screws can be mounted on the KAM Plug & Play Modules.



AXIOM 2 guitar bodies are made of  mahogany. They feature a maple neck with rosewood fretboard. The finish is transparent, with a hint of brown on edges. Fret ends are dressed by hand and each guitar receives a  an expert setup and includes a gig bag.


There are two multi function switches which based on the type of pickup used work as;

1- Battery on / off switch, for active pickups.

2- Coil Tap, for hum-bucker pickups with coil tap wire.

3- Kill switch, for single coil, or hum bucker pickups without coil tap wire.


The revolutionary AXIOM 2 guitar opens the world of pickup experimentation to musicians without the need to solder, time consuming disassembly and reassembly, or removal of strings.


You can switch a plug & play module with out having to turn down the volume. It is completely practical to switch pickups in between songs.


We offer a collection of affordable high-quality pickups, and well-known pickup brands are available as options.



Axiom 2 guitars use our patented all metal Plug & Play modules which allow pickup height adjustments using the normal pickup screws. The modules are made in USA using precision laser cutting methods to ensure exact size compatibility between all modules and guitars. 






Due to limited quantity and differences in options and wood patterns AXIOM 2 guitars will be individually priced from $700 to $1400. The number of included pickups and modules is also a major factor in pricing. Keep in mind that a normal guitar of this general shape comes with only 2 pickups. AXIOM 2 may include 6 or even more pickups.


Aside from pickup choices locking tuners or tremolo bridge may be included as options.

Additional Plug & Play Pickup modules


The price for an assembled Plug & Play module will be $49+ pickup cost. As a kit, the modules will be available for $39. Assembly of a module requires fastening 8 screws and soldering two pickup wires to the plugs. All parts are precision made in USA. Switchcraft plugs are used for the modules, and Switchcraft Jacks are used on the Axiom 2 body. 


Plug & Play Pickup is a registered trade mark of KAM Instruments Corporation. United States Patent 8178774