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Thank you for purchasing KAM products. We strive to provide highest quality products outperforming other brands at reasonable prices. See the bottom of this page for details of obtaining warranty service.

KAM Limited Warranty: KAM products are covered by a limited warranty. The length of this coverage depends on the type of product and may change from time to time. It is important to register your product to qualify for the coverage offered at the time of your purchase.

Registration: You must register your product within one month of purchase to activate warranty coverage, and establish purchase date.

Click on this link to register:   http://goo.gl/forms/H2VTUoLQ0j


Current Warranty Periods as of 4/23/2015

Dynamic mic capsules                                                             5 Years

(Signal producing element of our dynamic non-ribbon microphones)

Axiom Guitars                                                                          5 Years

Microphone Bodies                                                                  3 Years

Condenser microphones                                                          1 Year

All other products                                                                    90 days

Note: Aluminum ribbon elements of ribbon microphones is fragile and can instantly be damaged due to exposure to high speed air flow, physical shock, or excessively loud sound source and is excluded from warranty. We can service damaged ribbons for a reasonable fee.

Reasonable Care and Use of Product: This warranty is valid if the owner reasonably uses the product with reasonable care, for its intended purpose without alteration, negligent use, misuse, or abuse, or exposure to water and harmful chemicals and liquids, high humidity, perspiration, unusual or damaging physical conditions such as dropping or exposing the equipment to excessive pressure or vibration, exposure to electrical currents or electrical shorts beyond the normal tolerances and intended design of a given product. KAM Instruments will determine if a particular damage is due to the above factors excluded from warranty based on examination of damages to product at its sole discretion. Cosmetic imperfections are excluded from warranty coverage. This Limited warranty covers repair or replacement if product is repaired or serviced by KAM Instruments or a KAM authorized service facility only.

Warranty Coverage Details: You are responsible for shipping costs for warranty repairs.You must provide proof of original ownership in form of a copy of your sales receipt or other comparable document from an authorized dealer or directly from our company to receive warranty covered service. Warranty is not transferable. KAM Instruments Corp. warrants KAM products purchased and used in the United States against defects in materials and workmanship for the applicable period stated at our website, from the date of purchase. KAM Instruments Corp. either directly, or through authorized dealers, will repair or replace defects covered by this limited warranty with parts or products of original, or improved, or comparable design, at its option. Normal wear and tear of products will not be covered by this or any implied warranty. To the extent permitted by law, KAM Instruments Corp. SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. No KAM dealer, agent, or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to this warranty. KAM INSTRUMENTS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM PURCHASE OR USE OF OUR PRODUCTS , OR UNDER ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO LOSS OF USE, LOST PROFITS, DOWNTIME, GOODWILL, DAMAGE TO OR REPLACEMENT OF OTHER EQUIPMENT AND PROPERTY NOT MANUFACTURED BY KAM INSTRUMENTS CORP. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or exclusions of implied warranties, some of the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

Obtaining Warranty Service

To obtain warranty service, send an email to stating the product and the problem you are having in detail. Also provide a phone number to reach you. In many cases we can resolve the problem without you having you send in the product.

Please include your location (city and zip code for US, or your country) so that we assess the difficulty of sending in the product, or calculate the shipping costs. Once you accept the total cost, we will send you a PayPal invoice. We may be able to provide direct discounted pricing.

Our Shipping Address:

KAM Instruments

2601 W 22nd Street. Suite 33

Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA