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We are a new company, but gaining rapid popularity in the professional music community. If you are an active musician or engineer with a portfolio of published work who is using, or is  interested in our products, we like to hear from you. The artists below are samples of our pro users, listed in an arbitrary order that will be shuffled from time to time. If there are new developments, or they have recently joined the family, we tend to put them closer to the top.

Endorsement Disclaimer

Unlike some companies, we do not pay artists to use our products. We also don't ask them not to use competing products from other companies. We are a music focused company and we think artists should have maximum flexibility in using whatever they see fit for a particular project. Kam himself, uses guitars, amps, and microphones from other companies when the song calls for it. Artists are simply listed here because they choose to use our products. 

Note to New KAM Artists

We ask for your patience until we get your info on this page. If we don't even have four of our new products shown at NAMM listed on the website, we must be somewhat busy!

Hank Williams III

Hank road testing the "Spectrum" mic on his "Damn Band" Tour

A true  rebel and gentleman , unusually  respected in three styles of music, country, metal, and punk, with live shows that some call the best they have seen in their life, Hank chose to road test our new Spectrum mic on his tour before the mic's release to public . He loved the sound, but the mount was becoming loose during shows. So we made changes based on his findings.  He proceeded to use the mic for recording stand up bass, fiddle,  banjo, and acoustic guitar on his new album as well.



 Hugo Ferreira / Tantric

Hugo (right) & Kenny Olson (Left)

Listening to draft mixes of Hugo's new album, in a parked car with Kenny and some friends in Nashville, Kam was blown away by the intensity of emotions delivered in the vocals. Kenny of the Kid Rock fame plays his "singing and crying" guitar on some tracks on the album, so there is no shortage of heart and soul.  Hugo has gently worked  intimate and sometimes heart breaking memories of the past 10 years into the lyrics.

We anxiously await the official release of this new album and will include a link to it as soon as it is released by the label in September. You will see why !


Sinead O'Connor

The heavenly voice of Sinead recently graced one of our R3 mics at Sonic studio for some new tracks. Al, the studio owner told us she really loved the results.

She is very opinionated and outspoken about  women's rights, war, and child abuse. We love that about her, and the fact that all of her opinions are on the side of equality, freedom, peace, non-violence, and basically getting the masses to realize that each human deserves to live their life as they want as long as they don't hinder the freedom of others.


Anthony Focx

This mysterious man is one of today's most in-demand mixing and mastering engineers with a list of credits that spans from Santana to Hannah Montana, and everything in between, and to the left and right. More than 250 CD credits many of which have ranked high on industry charts.

Anthony uses our HP1 for monitoring and many of our mics including 2face, Chrystal, C3, MC3, BD2, and i2 when he is tracking.

As a performing artist, Anthony played guitar in Beautiful Creatures and at times plays drums or guitar on the albums he works on. But you don't have to see him perform  live to to enjoy his art, just turn on the radio.





Al Cowan and Sonic Recording Studios have been an iconic part of the recording scene in Ireland since 1988. KAM R3, Candy, RT1, MC3, ST2, i2, BD2 are now part of their mic collection.

Recently Al shared an intriguing idea  for a new mic with Kam. Stay tuned for results!

A long and impressive list of artists and clients have recorded at Sonic and we are proud to be associated with them. Here is a an excerpt of what Al wrote us a while back; "I wanted to say thanks for the Mics we got from you a couple of months back, we  have been using our Candys and R3 on practically every session since we got them. the RT1 is constantly sitting on a stand in studio one and has been used for every snare drum that came into the place."



A national hard rocking favorite with a catalog of 5 albums and 3 EPs, Lovehammers have toured the world with INXS and continue to push the boundaries of  rock music. The single "Trees" charted form their previous album and their latest album "Heavy Crown" is gaining considerable air time. 

LOVEHAMMERS are using KAM R3, i2, C3, BD2, MC3, Crystal, 2face and RT1 for recording their next album.




New music: Guns single on iTunes


Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences

When we were looking for new employees, out of about a hundred applicants, the two who stood apart were CRAS graduates. Its no surprise that heir alumni earned 13 Grammy nominations in 11 categories. Their students get  hands on experience with KAM Crystal in the broadcasting class, and R3, 2face, and Candy mics in other classes.



A Lull

Our congratulations to A- Lull for recently getting singed to a record label. 

This is a band to keep an eye on. The very unique sound they have is doubling their fan base every month and the live shows with each of the members playing a floor tom in addition to other instruments is a feast for the ears. Check out their latest releases.


Mike Vescera / Obsession / Animetal USA

Michael Vescera, the heavy metal vocalist of Obsession & Animetal USA, and former bands such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Loudness is an experienced producer and engineer as well. He has been applying his years of music experience to engineering and production in his state-of-the-art Toy Room Studio in Nashville. Mike uses HP1 & Fidelio 6.5 for monitoring, RT1, Crystal, and 2face.




Attention All Shredders !

Are you in Guinness book of Records? Well, Johnny Butten is. He holds the record for the world's fastest banjo, and by the way, he sounded really good while winning  it too. If you are into folk and bluegrass music, you should check him and his band out. The list of how many competitions he has won sends the best of Olympic athletes into a deep depression. He is using KAM 2face and Chrystal mics for recording these days.



Illinois State University,  Braden Auditorium & Bone Student Center, Normal, Illinois 

Nathan Menken, audio engineer and assistant technical director, has been using our RT1. BD2, and i2 mics in the past year for live performances at the university. We are proud to be part of the events. Nathan's needs and ideas for a new type of stage mic resulted in our soon to be released "KAM Atmosphere". Thanks Nathan.  


Richie Roccisano, the well respected and experienced   performer and audio engineer, has been diligently testing our mics and using them for recording his clients when it makes sense. We sincerely appreciate his attention. He has been a fan of KAM MC3 and is currently experimenting with Candy, our new phantom powered ribbon mic.


Tyson Ellert

Its not a secret that Tyson and Kamran sometimes play together. But now that Tyson is one of Chicago's most in-demand drummers, and is asked to perform on more albums and shows than he actually  has time to commit to, is it wrong to include him as an artist here? Tyson is using KAM R3, RT1, MC3, C3, i2, ST2, and BD2 for live performances and recording. He is also "test driving"  KAM Fidelio 6.5 monitors for mixing.  



Carl Hay was recently part of the American Idol band for the TV show and is almost constantly  touring with Sony and Interscope artists. He uses HP1 and Fidelio 6.5 for monitoring and KAM Mics on stage and in the studio. "I absolutely love them, and have already gotten some of my producer friends to use KAM products, they are absolutely amazing!"



Mark Addison has been offering his pair of KAM MC3 as a choice to his long list of clients in Austin since early 2010. Some of Mark's ideas are under consideration for our next wave of products. 


Hedroom Productions is one of Chicago's most respected Live Sound Reinforcement, Staging, and Performance Lighting companies. They use RT1.


Sergio Michel - The Serge

Sergio's new song just passed 65,000 plays on Fandalism. Congrats!


Segio's blend of fast guitar playing, passionate vocals, and heavy metal style arrangements combined with lyrics that honestly express his political, religious, and social views contributes to his musical style. He has been using RT1 for vocals and guitar cabinets, when he described that he needed a low noise, high output and super crisp mic for his new studio recordings. We were happy to let him know our Crystal mic fits his requirements. 


Simon PC Frost

Simon, the creative and charming composer and guitarist is using both of our ribbon mics for his new album and was the first person to expose Candy to a Sax! We are anxiously awaiting his new tracks.




Nashville's Bourbon Street Blues and Booggie Bar, in the world famous  "printers alley" - Four KAM RT1's are on the stage of Burbon Street every night and used by the fine musicians who perform there. We couldn't be happier!


Just Some of the NEW ARTISTS

Shame on us! Some of these guys have been using our stuff for more than 2 years. And some of the artists from last year are not even on this list yet! Ouch! There is just so much time in a day and we put priority on developing products and getting them quickly to musicians. We ship almost always within a day of receiving orders. So please understand, its not that we are lazy!

Descriptions, pictures, and links for the following new artists and a number of studios will be added to this page soon.

Tim Reynolds Trio/ TR3

Iron Butterfly All Stars

CBC Radio Stations

AOL Sessions

AVM Band

Bootstraps Comedy

Jeff Dean


Art of the Flesh


Man The Mighty 

Suman Mitra / Fever Train

Shane Rootes

Dean Harrington


Elvis Wade

Performing for crowds of 5000 with the Louisville Symphony Orchestra, or 37000 at Fairs, his voice and stage presence equally capture the audience.

Based on suggestion from his friend Mike Vescera, Elvis tried our RT1 on stage and liked it better than the $600 mic he normally used. Elvis and Mike have asked for a wireless version of RT1 which our custom shop will make for them.


Henry Weck

When Kamran and Henry met at Summer NAMM, they were not Smokin' In the Boys Room ! But, Henry did write and record that  billboard charting hit with the Brownsville Station band. Henry is currently active in engineering and production in Ann Arbor, MI as well as his other music related activities. 


Dan Darrah

Dan's solo music is melodic and his voice comes straight from the heart.  He has shared the stage with 1000 Maniacs,  Ray LaMontagne, and Jack Johnson among others. Aside from his strong fan base in Chicago, he enjoys an international following for his unique and intimate approach to music. Dan uses KAM RT-1 on stage.


New music:  on CD baby


Niel Golden

With a discography of 15 albums which earned him 5 nominations for music awards, Niel is considered one of North America's most respected Tabla (hand drum) players.  His world music compositions are hypnotic and refreshingly different from the norm.


New music: on CD baby

Mark Berman 

Mark is a much sought after pianist, composer, and conductor. His TV credits include; music for Sex and the City, Showtime's Nurse Jackie, and Guiding Light, and appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Rosie O’Donnell.

He has written for, played, and recorded with Aretha Franklin, Illinois Jacquet, Carole King, Nana Mouskouri, Gladys Knight, and Blood, Sweat & Tears among others.



Steve Burrows


Steve is a lightening fast guitarist and a fulltime touring musician, playing with Beyonce, Jeff Scott Soto (Journey, Yngwie Malmsteen), Danny Vaughn (Tyketto), Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani), Danger Danger, Ying Yang Twins, Rihanna, Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), and many more.





Keith Robinson

Millions listened to Keith at president Obama's inauguration playing with Stevie Wonder. He has recorded on the triple platinum CD " Keith Sweet Live" and has shared the stage with many music icons such as Earth Wind & Fire, Vanessa Williams, Al Green, Patti Austin, Joss Stone, James Brown, John Legend, and Queen Latifah. 


Cary Potts

A pro bass player and composer, Cary has played with musicians such as; Elvis Costello, Gladys Knight, Chuck Berry, and Herb Ellis on over 10 CDs, 6 Broadway musicals, and numerous stages.  His TV credits and appearances include; Arsenio Hall Show, Good Morning America, Tony Awards show, Sex and the City, and The Joe Franklin Show.



email:  info@kaminstruments.com

Phone:  (630) 645-4111

Mail: 2601 W 22nd Street. Suite 33, Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA

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