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Product Development

Although most information about products under development need to be kept confidential until official release. We like to share what we can about the new products we are working on. 


We have developed a new technology applicable to phantom powered microphones and ribbon microphones. This will provide new features not currently available on any microphone. We have delayed the release of our "Compass" model for a rather long time so that we can incorporate this technology in it.  Another reason for delays in release of Compass was that it suffered from a problem common to many tube mics currently in the market; a momentary loud signal, would decrease the output for a fraction of a second afterwards. Although generally people seem to accept this, or not notice it from tube mics, we would not release a mic that is not up to our standards. The good news is that the improved circuit for compass is simpler, sounds more pure, and does not display this problem at all.  


K/\M Tube Guitar Amps

Full tube amps with moderate power so that they can be cranked up for good saturated sound  in the studio, and yet with enough power for stage use are in the works. They will have a cool new look.

Update: A limited quantity of our Lumberjack amp has been released. The response to the tone of this amp has been very positive.


K/\M  Plug & Play  guitars with wooden bodies

The aluminum guitars we make have a unique sound. We know that most people like to have the Plug & Play pickup functionality with a conventional guitar body and at a reasonable price.  So a "SuperStrat"  type body with interchangeable pickups is in the works.

Update: Due to positive response to our Axiom guitars and requests for a guitar with two Plug & Play Pickups, a Tele style guitar will be released in first half of 2015.