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Guitar Custom-shop


A wide variety of guitars can be equipped with the K/\M Plug & Play Pickup (TM) system. Our portfolio of customized guitar models is growing .and a K/\M original design guitar is soon to be released.


Detailed tests and measurements of tone and and sustain characteristics have shown that there are no audible or measurable differences between a conventional guitar design and the versions equipped with K/\M Plug & Play Pickup (when the same pickup is mounted).  The only difference is that you can rapidly change the tone characteristics by switching pickups.


If there is a particular guitar model we currently do not customize, and you would like to equip it with the Plug & Play Pickup system, See the bottom of this page for more information.

Standard Tele with Plug & Play  pickups  

Standard Tele with retrofit bridge & Plug & Play vintage style pickups

Standard Tele with retrofit bridge and Plug & play lipstick and conventional hum-bucker pickups

Vintage BC-Rich "Strat type" body with Kahler bridge


Current customized guitar models:. 

Washburn X series without tremolo - eg X50Pro

ESP-  LTD Deluxe -  EC-1000

Epiphone - Les Paul


Fender - Telecaster Standard or Deluxe

Gibson - Les Paul

"Strat type guitars" with Kahler bridge



Which guitars work well for the K/\M Plug & Play Pickup system?

The guitar body has to be at least 46 mm in thickness and there should be no other equipment occupying the space where the mounting system cavity will be located. The dimensions of this cavity are 136mm x 42mm.  If you are interested in a particular guitar model which we do not currently offer, send an email to:  info@KAMinstruments.com we would email you back a price quotation.  Upon receipt of the fee, A new guitar will be customized with the K/\M system for you in about 6 to 8 weeks.

Conversion of your own guitar

Conversion of your own guitar may be possible if it fits the criteria mentioned above.  The tremolo system which works well with plug and play pickup at bridge position is Kahler since other systems have springs that are located under the bridge pickup. The cost for converting an existing guitar is dependant on the type of guitar and extent of modifications necessary. To include one plug and play pickup mounting system can cost between $400 to $600. The existing pickup will be mounted on a plug and play assembly if possible. We do our best to avoid any cosmetic damage to guitars during the conversion, but some minor cosmetic damage is possible.